Fascia & Soffit Repairs and Installations

Fascia and Soffit Repairs and Installations

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There is more to your roof than just the shingles. Your home has to breathe and it does this through the soffit and fascia. Soffit systems are often perforated to establish ventilation for your attic. This airflow reduces condensation in the attic and reduces ice build up along the eaves. This is especially important in extreme climates such as ours where you can see both extreme heat and cold, and sometimes in a very short period as well.

Fascia, the transition between the roof and the soffit is where your eaves trough will attach. It also offers protection for your trusses or rafters from the elements. Not only do you want it sturdy, but aesthetically appealing.

Whether it’s to repair existing soffit and fascia or installing a new system, Kerr’s Roofing has the technology and technical knowledge to install it right the first time. We will establish a plan that works properly with your roof so you can maximize its life expectancy. You won’t have to worry about the damage that the elements can cause: ice build up and damning, water damage through condensation and accumulation or mould.

What Sets Us Apart from other Kingston Roofing Companies?

When you choose Kerr’s Roofing for your Kingston roofing project, you can expect personalized service from the initial phone call to any follow-up warranty services. Whether we do your roofing, eaves trough cleaning, roofing inspection or any maintenance and repair work, your complete satisfaction is our top priority.